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September 04, 2014 / Interior Design / SamaraArchitectureInterior DesignArchitecture

Dayaa Restaurant - Madina Branch

June 10, 2014 / Interior Design / Indoor CafeInterior Design

Indoor Cafe - Jordan University

June 01, 2014 / Branding / Indoor CafeInterior Design

The Indoor experience is a promise of peace, individuality, and a healthy atmosphere. Next to the non-smoking policy at all parts of the Café, they have also rendered numerous comfort seating areas for customers' enjoyment. And while standing in one of Amman's most crowded and polluted streets, Indoor Café takes you in from noise, distortion, and hecticity, to an ambiance of serenity, and comfort for your own enjoyment. The café provides various utilities for students as well as friends to enjoy the Indoor cafe experience at its best. Ranging from computers, to coffee tables, and sharing desks, you will find that indoor have got everything you need. Comfortable seating areas; chairs, sofa's, buffs, and right-height desks, indoor also Provide free internet access (Wi-Fi) and working stations. Not to mention indoor reading area designed for the perfect reading delight. The exterior façade and the spacious modern interior fit the unique distinct experience indoor promise. Indoor smoke-free setting at any of the storeys, with the just-right background music insures seclusion, privacy and focus, at just the right volume, with just the right feel, is sure to cocoon your creativity, in a healthy enriching environment. The calm colorful interior -on the other hand, of gray, black, white, and the dashing burgundy dream to the Indoor cafe theme adds vividly to making the place warm, relaxing, and homely. In addition to indoor interior setting, the kitchen and soft-bar serve a rich variety of delicious foods and beverages, ranging from breakfast, to lunch, and dinner courses, every platter is prepared with care to a mouthwatering display with a special 'Indoor' recipe and flavour. Indoor Café was launched in May 2013, featuring the only easy-access smoke-free café and restaurant opposite to the University of Jordan, that offers everything you would possibly need.

Ashley Home Store

May 12, 2014 / Interior Design / AshleyInterior Design

Steakanji Restaurant

May 08, 2014 / Interior Design / SteakanjiInteriorsRestaurant

Jallad Villa

January 07, 2014 / Architecture / ArchitectureInterior Design

Lebnani Snack

January 04, 2014 / Branding / Interior Design

A re branding for the famous Lebnani Snack restaurant in Jordan. Expected to open in Aqaba in the summer of 2014.


January 03, 2014 / Interior Design / SalamehInterior Design

Mankal Express

January 02, 2014 / Branding / Mankkal Chicken Tikka ExpressSocial Media MarketingVisual IdentityInterior Design

Full branding and interior design for Mankal Express.

Stickhouse - Italian Gelato

October 03, 2013 / / InteriorsRestaurant

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